Advise MPs on Brexit

Jonathan Gammon, deputy chairman of HKIE UK Chapter and chairman of IPENZ UK Branch Committee, was invited to present evidences to MPs in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Excellence in the Built Environment on the topic “How leaving the EU must drive modernisation and training in the built environment”. Below is a quote from his expert witness evidence.

Certainly, the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand, represented by Jonathan Gammon, chairman of UK Branch Committee,  as hoping that Brexit would provide the basis for the whole migration and visa system to be shaken up which would allow British firms to draw more easily on talent from Commonwealth countries. “We view Brexit as a positive situation. We want to create a level playing field, as there
are barriers that employers face. When Balfour Beatty write in their evidence that 0.2% of their employees come from outside the European Union, because of the administrative difficulties that are involved and the time it takes, when a company that large says that, you must consider the troubles that small companies have with that situation. “We are hopeful that Brexit will create a level playing field, and make that whole process a lot more straight forward; for example, remove those minimum salary barriers, and remove the fact that after two years you’re out.”

The full report can be downloaded here.

For more information about APPG, click here.

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