About us

The HKIE UK Chapter have about 320 members. The chapter committee is responsible for carrying out the work HKIE does in the UK and is led by officers below:




Ir Francis Budge




Deputy Chairman

Ir Yan Zhou




Honorary Secretary

Ir To-Sum Chan





Honorary Treasurer

Ir David Youdan




Immediate Past Chairman

Ir Thomas Lai



The Officers are supported by committee members and members co-opted onto the committee.

Past Chairman:

Ben Papé
William Kemp

Committee Member:

Sauming Pang
Jenny Kwok
Jo Chau

Co-opt Committee Member

Yiyan Liu
Mike Hui
Jacky Ng
Annie Wong
Cherry Chan

Corresponding Member

Jonathan Gammon
Eva Kong
PK Tse
Llewellyn CM Tang
Rachel Chiu
Vincent Yuen


The UK Chapter was formed in Sep 2002 with the following officers:

Chairman – Ben Papé;  Deputy Chairman – David Youdan;  Secretary – Nick Walsh;  Treasurer – Sauming Pang.

The UK Chapter was officially inaugurated during the visit of President Ir Dr CK Lau in Jun 2003. Since then the following have served as UK Chapter Chairman – David Youdan, William Kemp, Thomas Lai and Francis Budge.